05 July 2007

My children are here and it's their last few days at home before their big move. so I don't want to think too much about anything and so can't do a proper post. So here are a couple more pictures I did all using plain old Paint .



  1. HillGMom, *hugs* It has to be hard with the kids leaving. My mom (HHGMom) would never write so transparently about it, so reading you is in a sense understanding what she might have gone through each time we left home.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've actually been lurking on your family sites for a long time, right from Chandy ammachi to you and Beks. One thing I've noticed is how well you all write :) My compliments.

  2. Thank you so much pixelchick, for the kind words! I was actually planning to add that I know I'm not unique, but it's still tough.

  3. hgm,
    these pics are so pretty.


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