30 June 2007

Last night we gave dinner to family (my husband's siblings &families) as a farewell to my son & wife before they go abroad. Well, after last night, I decided 'That's it, I am totally retiring from cooking for parties' 'cos to me, whatever I made was maybe not total disaster, but absolutely 'blah'. My confidence about my food has been steadily dropping and I can tell you in this town food is very, very important. Earlier, being a good cook was tied up with being a woman. Thank God that has changed though(that is now it's ok to have men who are good cooks too!) Anyway, next time I cater.


  1. :)
    goood idea to cater. then you will be able to enjoy the party and not worry about frying papadams to a brown crisp. (that's what i did at my last party)

  2. I don't really enjoy cooking either. I just do it because it's expected of me as a woman. Even when hubby grills something outside, I still gotta prepare some veggies and stuff. So I don't get a break. I am looking forward to a trip to Minnesota to visit family. No cooking for about five days!! lol


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