19 November 2006

Today I baked a cake after a long while and that too a new recipe! I got some dried cranberries from the US (care of my brothers) and since I was just eating them, I thought I'd try and find some recipe using them. I came across this recipe which, even just reading the recipe it sounded delicious--lots of rum, applesauce and the cranberries.
I made the cake and it's come out well I must say. Too bad there are no young people around to eat it.

I wrote that on Sunday and then decided not to post it cos I thought what an irrelevant thing to post about and anyway, there are so many of these terrific cooks out there on the Internet. But I realised I wanted to post about it because I was excited by the fact that I had actually followed a new recipe & gone to the trouble to get the stuff for it. I hadn't done that in I can't remember how many years. As I had waded through my depression all those years, somehow cooking was something I just hadn't been able to do; it was a big part of my feeling a failure. The fact that I had done this made me realise how much I had gone forward in the recent past.
To quote from what must be my favourite hymn (since I came across it recently)
"Stand up, clap hands, shout 'Thank you Lord'
For happiness and peace within."


  1. Aren't you going to give us the recipe? I am all for rum-laden cakes!

    I'm baking apple pies today. Remember your fruit post? Do any of yoru fruits make good pies?

  2. For pies I guess pineapples-I've made a pie with them, and probably guavas. The others are too juicy I think. I've come across a recipe for a mango pavlova though.

  3. I haven`t made a cake in quite a while. Right in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner at a daughters home, her son told his girlfriend about the delicious applesauce cake his gram used to make for him when he was still living home with his Mom. I told her it was his great grandmothers recipe (my Mother`s ). Guess when my arm is healed and working better, I need to make him another applesauce cake. He would never let me pay him when he helped me, so the cake was my way of telling him thankyou.


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