13 October 2006

Just wanted to share this hymn with everyone. I came across it when teaching my kids at school singing and just loved the words.

"Stand up, clap hands, shout thank You, Lord,
Thank You for the world I'm in.
Stand up, clap hands, shout thank You, Lord,
For happiness and peace within.

I look around and the sun's in the sky,
I look around and I think, oh my!
The world is such a wonderful place,
And all because of the good Lord's grace.

I look around at the creatures I see,
I look around and it amazes me,
That every dog and bird and cow,
Fit in a special place somehow.

I look around at all the joy I've had,
I lood around and it makes me glad,
That I can offer thanks and prasie
To Him who guides me through my days."

The first is the chorus and is sung between each verse. It has a lovely beat too. So you can imagine the kids and I have a glorious time singing it.


  1. Very uplifting.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog.

  2. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Hi, Thankyou so much for posying the words to yhis hymn! My children are 10, twins who are 8 and a 4 year old. I have been singing this hymn to them since they were babies as I sang it at school 30 years ago! They will now be relieved that I can sing the whole hymn as I could only ever remember the first verse!
    Kindest wishes,
    Tracey Bradley.


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