31 August 2006

Unexpected tears.

Today, a friend of my eldest son, who can be said to be physically challenged, told me how she had asked him to be the godfather for her daughter. Her little daughter is disabled too, having been a very premature baby. She said she told him, “One day when she is a teenager, she may feel that I, although her mother, will never quite understand how it is to grow up as a physically challenged person. Then I would like to know that she can come to her godfather who can tell her what it’s like and help her to become strong as he is.” She said this and I felt so touched and my eyes filled. Then came memories of how he has struggled over the years and the tears came in earnest. The tears were immediately controlled of course. But this remained in the back of my mind the whole day and so I wanted to do a post on it.

Bless you my son. I am so proud of you. Many times I have had to be tough, to never let even a doubt or a worry creep anywhere into my conscious mind, so that you would feel strong enough to do anything. I’m deeply sorry if I have seemed unsympathetic but it is a thin and difficult line, at any time, to walk between overprotecting a child and disciplining him, so that he can become a strong, positive human being and this becomes ever so much more difficult if your child ids physically challenged. Only the parent of another such child will understand that fully. But, as to living with the disability itself, only another disabled person will ever be able to empathize, because for us physically whole people, we can never quite know how it feels to be in that skin.

I love you and I love you too daughter-in-law dear, for the kind for wife you are to him.


  1. God bless your son.He is sure to understand what you've done for him.Bless your daughter in law too.She's going stay by him always so she needs all our good wishes.nice of your son's friend to ask him to be godfather to her child.

  2. This post touched me. Deeply. We do what we feel we need to for our children in order to meet their needs. It is the most loving thing you can do. And there will certainly be regrets, but at the time we do the best we can.

  3. What a beautiful post. One of the nicest kind to read. Thanks for sharing it. I wish them both a future filled with much happiness.

    Now for another topic, You have just been tagged. You can find the questions posted on my blog. Thanks!!

  4. wish both ur son & DIL all the best

  5. a touching post...

    thankyou for sharing it. sometimes you learn simple truths in most simplest way. thankyou


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