23 June 2006


Jac's comment on my post with the dandelion picture made me hunt for this poem I wrote based on the dandelion. It was written a number of years ago when all my children left home and I was still getting used to the idea.

I stand, a dandelion stalk in the breeze,
Each gust takes away a few more tufts,
Some fly high and are wafted far;
Others fall nearer.
With the passing of each breeze
I am left a little more alone.

Yes my children, as you each go,
Your friends along with you,
I feel a bit more forlorn,
A little more blue.
But I will never stop you,
Even if I could.

It is your time to fly,
To go your own way,
To follow your own path;
While I will pray
For gentle zephyrs
To waft you high,
Then deposit you gently back to earth
Where you will take root and grow your own
Dandelion stalks swaying in the breeze.


  1. When each of my youngest sisters left home.. I felt the same way.. I didn't stop them, but some where deep in my mind I thought, they would turn and look and see me standing alone.. May be I shouldn't have wished that..soldiers march only forwards!!
    Nice poem.. Will be singing that again in 10 yrs time!

  2. I love poetry. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

  3. That was beautiful poem.

  4. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Thanks starry nights. Written long ago [when i actually handwrote :)]


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