22 July 2019


So, I am in the US of A and enjoying the mostly balmy summer.  We have been here almost 3 weeks now.  
What I am particularly enjoying is the bird feeder in my son's garden.  There have been many birds visiting, though a large number of them have been sparrows.  But I have been using various tools online to identify the birds I get to see.  
It is also great to go for a walk around the lovely little lake near where I am staying.  There are the usual wild ducks, Canadian geese and sea gulls.  But there are many birds around.  I have also spied a lone hare, who seems to have a residence quite close to the house where we are staying.  He is usually in and around the same place when I go walking in the evening.
I am enjoying the company of my grandkids too.  I do hope they are enjoying themselves a bit too.
Will post pictures by and by.