11 April 2019

Word pictures

Came across these sentences in an old book of mine.  Each one gave me goose bumps.

  1. 'The rain kept tapping with a million nervous fingers.'
  2. 'Sheet lightning was dancing on the horizon to a broken tune played by far-off thunder.'
  3. 'Dawn was beginning to prowl about the sky and put out the stars.'
  4. 'The ancient wilderness dreamed, stretched itself all open to the sun, and seemed to sigh with immeasurable content.'
  5. 'The sea listlessly turned over page after page of its endless book upon the sand.'

Which of them appeals to you most?

10 April 2019

I have been noticing that blog posts, in these times of all the other social media, don't seem to be getting any comments.  I have been looking over other blogs too.  I guess, if like Instagram and Facebook, there was a 'like' button, maybe folks would use that.  It has become much easier to use like buttons, and or emojis and I am just as guilty.  But sometimes I yearn for a meaty comment.