11 February 2019

I've been reading old posts and I realise that the very act of blogging acted as a big catharsis in dealing with my eldest's death.  The fact that I could write out my feelings has certainly helped.  I also realise I have been blogging for quite a while now--more than 10 years now.  The friends I have made through my blog I am grateful for, though I have met only one and that was a truly enjoyable meeting.[ A shout out to Onedia].
With all the new media around, one just gets lazy to blog I think, since everything else requires only a few words, or no words at all (just emojis)!!  Hopefully I will come up with topics that I want to share and blog about to keep this blog going.

07 February 2019

It's 6 years today, since my eldest son passed away.   Time, as always, flows on, unheeding of joys and sorrows.  And I still miss him and always will naturally.  Each of my children I admire(admired) for different reasons.  My eldest was one who could make most people laugh and could almost always laugh at himself too.  I miss his jokes, his sparring with me and his music, oh his music.  I have his guitar now and I use it frequently.  But my playing is nothing compared to his, his long flexible fingers running over the strings. 
Time has healed the wound, but the scar will always be there.  Missing him.