01 November 2018

Random thoughts

There seems to be so much hatred flowing around the world--rising, rampant xenophobia.  Social media seems to have taken away politeness and concern for others it seems.  What with being able to find more, and then have more of the more of whatever way you lean, being given to you, till a point comes where you no longer wonder if any of this is right, you go off the edge and shoot people. 
There is also so much bad mouthing on the Internet.  It is as though, because someone is not physically facing the person to whom you are making remarks, you can say whatever you want, in as nasty a way as you want.  Also, there is the point that everyone wants to have opinions which are public and which one wants to be noticed by the maximum number of people--the equivalent of shouting from on top of a hill it seems to me.  So then if I shout, I should not really get upset that someone who was upset at my words, then proceeds to shout at me.  Looks like humanity is slowing losing all the culture that was built over years. 
I must say I am glad that there are also a number of positive things coming from the Internet like the TED lectures for example. 

This is all put very badly.  But the negative feelings have been building up.  I realise that here I am also a part of the problem. 

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