03 August 2018

Exciting Day!

Today I met up with my best friend from school after maybe 30 years.  She lives in Calcutta and I live far away in Kerala.  I met her last around 30 years ago, on a trip to Calcutta, but that was so briefly.  
This time she was here in Kerala with family and friends doing a tourist trip of the hills and backwaters.  Thanks to Facebook (occasionally some of the good things that come out of Facebook!) we were in touch with each other and hence the chance to meet.  We spent a lovely afternoon together in the middle of their trip and it really was wonderful.  After all, both of us passed out of school in 1966--52 years ago!!!  
We are both old and gray, but I think for both of us--for a little while at least--the years slipped away.  Lovely memories, great day.
Only--we forgot to take any photographs!

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