13 February 2018

5 years but like yesterday.

Recently it was the 5th death anniversary of my son, but it still seems like yesterday that he left forever.  I have been missing him so much, more than usual, his music, his laughter, his poking fun, but most of all his ability to help anyone among those he knew, who he felt needed help, needed boosting, needed advice, or just needed de-stressing.   Not to say I have spent the last 5 years mired in depression.  I and all of us in the family, have gone on with our lives, as though he was still here.  I can imagine his comments & remarks on so many incidents that happen each day. 
My husband & I recently heard, on BBC, a reading from the book 'Trumpet' by Jackie Kay where death does not become an absence but a presence and it just so resonated. 
He was a big Star Wars fan.  Shine in the Force son.


  1. I can hardly believe it has been five years since I first read your news of your son's death.

    Life passes so much quicker as we get older.

    I am sure your son is with the force though:)

  2. Hope you will find topics to write about regularly. I miss reading you. Come to Britain..I will show you the sites and introduce you to the women of the Nation Women's Register (Leighton Buzzard group)... you would have such a wonderful time.



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