31 March 2016

My Elsa died this morning.
My husband and I were away from Saturday morning to Monday noon.  When we got back, my girl seemed a bit tired and was limping.  I looked at all her feet in turn and could find nothing.  The tiredness I put down to the heat.  The next day she was walking better but was still tired.  Yesterday, she did not eat anything the whole day.  By night her breathing had got heavier and she was very tired.  As the night wore on, her breathing became more and more laboured.  But as we have no emergency veterinary services, I had to wait for the morning to take her to the hospital.
At 5 am she came outside with me and just lay down near my feet.  I could take her only by 8am.  We put her into the vehicle but she died way before we reached the hospital.
I will miss her so much.  She played a big part in helping me cope with my eldest's passing away.  She was only 6.
Here is a video of her taken maybe a year or so back


  1. I am sorry Sue:(( My pets have helped me too is my moments of grief. Their love is unconditional. Sending you lots of hugs. Jane XXXX

  2. Susan, I am soo very sorry. I know what pleasure our pets give us and how heartbreaking it is when we lose them. My heart goes out to you.<3, hugs and love., Dot M.


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