16 May 2015

End of a packed 13 weeks.

I wake to a silent house.  I make coffee and drink it sitting with Elsa, my Lab, with no interruptions.  Quietness, feeling like a grey tangible 'thing,' is everywhere.  There is no one trying to hog the computer, no quarreling over iPads; the lights and fans in every room are not on and no random toys in odd places.  I attack one room at a time, sorting, putting away, with no calls of "Ammachy" (grandmom).  But after a little while, I feel my stomach tightening and I cannot continue:
                                           'But I'm bluer than blue
                                           Sadder than sad
                                             Life without (all of)you is gonna be
                                             Bluer than blue'

All my 4 grandchildren were here and my son and wife from the US.  The Indian grandkids live fairly close by and so I will see them fairly often.  But the Americans we will not get to see--in the flesh--only after a year.  Ah well, as always, thank heavens for FaceTime and Skype.

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