28 May 2015

D is for ducks and dandelions

Ducks are a popular delicacy in the area of Kerala that I live.  There are plenty to be seen in the water, near and in the Kerala backwaters--in fact huge droves of them.  The ducks here are quite small compared to the wild ones that I saw near my son's place in the Chicago 'burbs.  Duck eggs too are popular and you see the eggs piled up on the side of the road, if one drives near that backwaters. Here, in my part of India anyway, duck eggs are supposed to be better if you suffer from boils and piles!  I bought 6 eggs recently cos I drove by the sellers.  But my hubby was not too happy, and I ended up eating most of them.
In the case of dandelions, I am posting a poem, actually re-posting, with a reference to dandelions, posted first 9 years back and written even earlier, when my children were just leaving the nest.
I stand, a dandelion stalk in the breeze,
Each gust takes away a few more tufts,
Some fly high and are wafted far;
Others fall nearer.
With the passing of each breeze
I am left a little more alone.
Yes my children, as you each go,
I feel a bit more forlorn,
A little more blue.
But I will never stop you,
Even if I could.
It is your time to fly,
To go your own way,
To follow your own path;
While I will pray
For gentle zephyrs
To waft you high,
Then deposit you gently back to earth
Where you will take root and grow your own
Dandelion stalks swaying in the breeze.

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