27 May 2015

C is for Curry, Crows and Children

Being an Indian, there is no life without curry of some kind.  Here, in the south, Kerala at least, curry means anything with gravy, as we have varied names for the different dry dishes.  Along with curry I guess I should mention curry leaves, because there is not a single Kerala dish without curry leaves, except maybe raw dishes, like an onion salad or a raw coconut chutney; which is probably why so many of the South Indians in far flung places tried to grow the plant.  There is no way one can substitute dried curry leaves--the fragrance just isn't there.
Crows are a part of Indian life.  They are there, wherever there are people.  They are an integral part of India's bio-degradable garbage recycling too.  Scientists have apparently found out that crows are capable of using tools.  Anyway, I for one, have great fun watching at my bird bath during summer.  I usually keep it full of water during the summer.  The crows come, usually around 5 pm and they take turns to have a bath.  Drinking the water is less important than the bath.  Each one looks around carefully for danger and then steps in and splashes merrily.  The next one waits outside the bath, or on a nearby tree limb waiting for it's turn--all very polite.  I'm linking to a page on RK Laxman--one of our best cartoonists--who was a great crow lover and did a vast number of crow sketches.
As for children, they are central to my life;  I teach at a pre-school and in a junior school.  Then I have my grown-up children and 4 grandchildren, all of whom are, naturally, an important part of my life.  So, particularly when school is on, a fairly large part of my day revolves around children and I, mostly,  enjoy my time with them.
So on to D tomorrow.

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