26 May 2015

B is for Boondocks and Brouhaha

I know, I missed yesterday.  An unplanned visit by 10 year old grandson drove all thoughts of blogging, A to Z and such like, out of my mind.  So here goes for B.
There are some words that are so good to hear and fun to use.  Boondocks  and Brouhaha both fit in that category.  But I always wondered about Boondocks, as to whether it was a real place like Timbuktu.  But, sadly, so Wikipedia informs me, that is not so.  There is no interesting place called 'The Boondocks".  It apparently comes for the Tagalog language from Philippines, which means mountain and hence far away and rural.  That was a bit of a disappointment.
Brouhaha sounds such a polished way of denoting a hullabaloo, so proper sounding.  The online Thesaurus also gives 'hubbub', 'uproar' and 'katzenjammer'.  Uproar somehow just doesn't cut it--sounds more like denoting children's tantrums; but I must say 'katzenjammer' sounds good.
Well on to tomorrow and C,

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