27 January 2014

It is almost a year since my eldest left us and it is still so hard to think that it is for ever, that never, in the present physical form anyway, will I ever see him again.  There are days when all I want to do is the hug the kids I have left, close oh so close.

This brilliant piece of writing, that seems to have gone viral online, so resonated, because that was a question my son, with all his various illnesses, that he always had.  In fact, the Christmas before he passed on, he told us, and especially his doctor uncle, 'I want to know how long I have left to live, so write me up all the possible medical tests I can do'....  Ah, who would have thought it was just over a month that he had left.  And then again, who knows how much time any of us have left.

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  1. Eveslungs10:53 am

    Oh Susan how poignant . All I can say is he is in a better place and smiling down at you . But it is a pity that the gods loved him so much .


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