11 August 2013

Time moves on, sometimes so slowly, like the grains of sand in an hourglass and sometimes as fast as our rivers in spate after the monsoon.  However it may be, there is no standing still; this moment is already the past moment and tomorrow always comes.
And so six months have gone by since my son passed on.We carry on with life; we laugh again and heartily, we talk about him and recall the fun times, I sing and play the guitar, at our family gatherings, something I thought I would never be able to do again; I can even look at his photographs without tearing up.  Today I went for Mass and visited the family vault, where he was buried, for the first time voluntarily.  That too was a milestone, because I just could not bring myself to go there.
But then, time moves forward, life flows onward.  There is never any going back.  Both good times and bad become memories of yesterday and the edges blur, with the good memories taking on a shine.  And the river of life flows on, taking us willingly or not, to our final destination, whether near or far we don't know.  We just have to go along.