10 January 2013

As a further part of the discussion on sexual assault and/or sexual abuse, I am linking to an article that appeared in the Indian Express, regarding the issue with regard to people with disabilities--Widen this soul-searching.  This article was written by my son along with a colleague.

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  1. Well done to your son for raising an important issue, Sue. The abuse of vulnerable people goes on everywhere - we have regular reports of this in the UK too and most recently there is a very high profile case of a DJ who spent years abusing just about anyone who he could easily take advantage of - teenage girls, those in care home, even the dying in hospices and hospitals. I would like to think these people are truly evil and it is not just a "culture" but probably that is not the case. Of course I knew that women have a much harder life in India - but I had absolutely no idea how awful it was in such places as Delhi. I read the transcript of Sunitha Krishnan's lecture too (the video kept stopping)she is an exceptional women to devote her life to raising awareness of sex slavery and the role of women in society. Sadly, it seems with the events in Delhi there is still a long way to go before women are truly equal.


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