21 July 2012

Red letter day.

Something lovely happened to me today.  I had taught some children, oh way back about 36 or 37 years ago and that too not for all that long.  I had taught them English and besides done some singing with them, all of which I can't really remember.  At that time, the school they were at was new and the number in the class was just  6 or 7 pupils.  I remember teaching them when they were in the 6th grade and doing singing with them of and on after that too. 
Then all of them left town.   Of course, this being a small town, and all of them having their parents here, I have had news of many of my old students and occasionally bump into them.  But my teaching them was such a long time ago.  So it was so lovely to have a bunch of them come visit me today.  I was really really touched, because, in my mind, I took up only a very little space in the timeline of their lives and for them to think of me and visit bringing a gift really made it a red letter day. 


  1. So wonderful when that happens. Love it.

  2. When my mother died, my first and second grade teachers came to her funeral. It meant the world to me. Your former students were probably quite touched you remembered them!

  3. Oh no Lucy remembering them is not a problem cos the class was very small and too, as this town is small, have seen quite a few of them off and on. But it truly was a lovely gesture.

  4. Stopping by to see how you're doing. I hope you are well.


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