14 March 2012

I teach in a pre-school; so that means children between 2 1/2 and just 5.  The school year is ending and many of them will be going on to regular school.  We (the other teachers and I) so enjoy the children and there are so many little things--incidents, expressions, something said--little exploits that we remember about the children.  But naturally, since these children are so small, they will usually remember almost nothing from these times.

This was brought to mind recently when I attended the wedding of one our old students.  At the wedding there were several other young men and women who had been with us.  Now, all of them are tall smart young men and elegant young women.  As I craned my head to talk to one of them who towered above me, what I remembered about him was how he used to suck his thumb in a corner during story time(he was 3 then)  He naturally can't remember that and I'm sure rather not remember.  

Although many of them are now young men and women with responsible jobs, some parents of pre-school kids themselves,  unfortunately for them, we taught them when they were almost babies and we remember them from that period in their lives. Hence it can be a little difficult to give them due respect. This is particularly so because so often the little anecdotes we remember about them are usually funny.[:-)]

When each batch of children leave, we miss them and then the new batch comes and we learn to love them.  But this time I felt a little sad that the children would remember so little of the fun times spent with us.  Ah, but such is life.  I only hope that any positive influences they gain from us will remain with them for always.


  1. Teachers has such an important part to play and you clearly have a lot of love and affection for your pupils, Sue. I'm sure even if your pupils don't remember little incidents they at least remember pleasant, happy days.

    Not sure if my comment about your new addition has come out - but many, many congratulations. And the piccy on FB is a beauty:)

  2. Thanks Jane and yes your comment on the new addition had come. We are looking forward to see him and hope to visit sometime in May maybe.

  3. When do the schools in your city start?

    Up until five years ago we followed an agrarian calendar, so schools used to let out at the beginning of May (the old tobacco/cotton harvest time) and went back at the beginning of August, to let children work on their family land.

    Now that that's deemed uncivilized, we follow the more national calendar and let out beginning of June and go back at the end of August.

    I frankly miss being out in May, when there was some pleasant weather to enjoy. August especially is brutally hot, and I can see no benefit to having that month off.

    PS: Congratulations for the newest hillgrandchild!

  4. Esbee, in my state (it's different in the different states) as the hottest two months are April and May, that is when there are school holidays. Then schools reopen in June. In the more northern states, where it gets hotter later, the holidays are May,June. But whenever the summer holiday, throughout India, the public exams, at the end of the 10th year and 12th year of schooling, is always in March.
    We're visiting newest grandchild in May :-)


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