27 July 2011

Today, while visiting Facebook & Google +,  I missed my mother so.  I knew that if she'd been around, I would have pushed her into one or both, although she would have protested that she was too old and she couldn't possibly.. But I know she would have enjoyed interacting with nieces, nephews, grand children, etc.  Just as she was a little reluctant to begin blogging, but enjoyed herself after the initial reluctance.  She was a pretty tech savvy person for someone her age.  When she first wanted to get a computer--at around age 79 or 80, her sons couldn't believe she would really use it.  I told them 'Just get one for her and see what she'll do'; and sure enough, she first got some youngster to come in and help her, then located a book to learn and used to call me once in a while, when she had doubts.  By the time she moved next door to me, around 5 years later, she was quite a pro.  She also loved playing the card games and chess.  I know she so wanted to be gone from this life, especially after my dad passed away.  But I still miss her, especially when I come across something I know she would have loved.

26 July 2011

Among the songs on my 'For walking' list is the Beach Boys 'Surfin' USA'  This reminded me of our trip to LA this year.  We were there mid May, and the day before we left, my nephew, both ardent surfers, said that it was a perfect day to surf and they wanted to drive to San Onofre State Beach, which was around 30 miles from where we were staying.  My husband and I had never really seen any surfing and didn't know what to expect.  Anyway, we bundled into the car with nephews, their dad, their dogs, wetsuits & of course the surfboards.
When we got to San Onofre, we almost didn't get place to park on the beach and what we saw was a bit like in this video

There were like hundreds of surfers in the cold water, surfing, falling in the water and clambering up on their boards again. It was a revelation to us from across the world. I stood with the two dogs, off the beach and watched the surfers. Didn't get any pictures. Hence the use of this video.

10 July 2011

An evening entertainment

Last night, my husband was having dinner out.  So I was listening to these songs of my youth -----
'Sunshine of your love', and 'Born to be wild' and a couple of sundry other songs, moving along to the music and................................................
scrubbing the bathroom!
So I now have a  sparkling, rocking, bathroom :-D