20 March 2011

A good link

Those of you who read Huffington Post may have seen this article for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. If not, do take a look, especially if you know of anyone who has Alzheimer's or senile dementia.


  1. that was a very useful link. I was myself giving a lot of thought to care givers of people with de-generative diseases and mental illness after reading an article published in Health and Nutrition. The role of caregivers is important but not easy.

    BTW I did read your comment in the womens web article but I did not trace it back to you till you mentioned it. You had commented as Susan and I think of you as hillgrandmom.Ha!ha!that was funny.

  2. So sad when thinking of what they are going through along with what their loved ones go through. Lost an Aunt this past year that I spent lots of time visiting in Nursing Home. The saddest day was when she said to me" how can you forget how to do something you have been doing for years?". I had spent the last couple years sitting, first at her home, later in Nursing Home , with us crocheting together. The last few months I kept finding easier and easier crochet patterns to do with her. Then it was just to re-showing her how to add just a different colored single crocheted edge to already crocheted pieces which she still did up to two days before she passed away. My heart went out to her and all others living with problems.

  3. Dot, HHG, I really thought that was a very informative article. It is so difficult for caregivers and the patients themselves.


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