31 March 2011

We'll be leaving for the US in just 3 weeks time.  It was a sudden rescheduling and so I feel a little pressured, though of course, I'm looking forward to it too.

20 March 2011

A good link

Those of you who read Huffington Post may have seen this article for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. If not, do take a look, especially if you know of anyone who has Alzheimer's or senile dementia.

17 March 2011

A way of looking at life?

"You are a big fruit tree, with your branches spreading wide, providing shade. Your fruits drop down and sustain many. I see and know that your growth is good and that, through you, other living beings are sustained in your shade, in your branches and from your fruit. That is your destiny.

I am but a little tiny wayside flower, glimpsed, maybe, by a wayside traveller on the way to your shade and that is my destiny. I provide neither cool shade nor fruits to gladden body and soul. If I gladden the heart of a passer-by with my smile, if I can provide a bit of nectar to the littlest butterfly or the tiniest bee, I am content.

Both you and I, grand and insignificant, huge and tiny, all are God’s creations and all are part of God’s plan"

I think of myself as the wayside flower.

13 March 2011

My heart goes out to the Japanese people, who are going through horrific times, and to all those who have had to suffer the after -effects of natural disasters--so many places and so many countries in the last 2 years or so.
These natural disasters remind us, so powerfully, how little we are. We are made aware, once again, that Mother Earth is much more big and powerful than we give her credit for and all life is puny and helpless in front of her wrath. Humans are the only life which think that they can tamper with, tame, use, take advantage of all that nature gives us. So Mother Earth reminds us of our frailty now and then.