01 January 2011

Last Decade

One more post on the first day of the year! Wonder whether I will post more the rest of the year too.

The last decade has seen a number of different happenings in my life.
My 3 children all got married in the past decade and I became a grandmother.
My parents both passed away and I became truly an adult. (As long as one has a loving parent living, one is always a child--at least to somebody!)
I went back to teaching--my first love--from working in the family business, which was not my cup of tea.
I admitted to myself that I had been quite badly depressed and was able to get out of it, blogging being a big help, and learnt to be gentle to myself.
I climbed over the mountain of menopause, and am I glad I'm on the other side :-D
I found out what I had always known--theoretically--that peace comes from deep within.

Peace to all


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