05 October 2010

Looks like my last post either had very few readers or I have surprised/shocked/offended some readers and or blog friends! (Or I'm being incredibly self-absorbed to think that what I say is actually important to any one.)


  1. Nonsense, I think you're nifty. But my church (ECUSA/Anglican) splintered over the last decade, and it was incredibly painful, and so I rarely comment on spiritual matters because the wounds are too fresh.

    But I do care what you think, and I like your use of the elephant parable to explain your position.

  2. oh,come on.don't be sooo....... modest. you do have a good readership.And about offending your readers be sure that they are not so immature. I thought you had mentioned something about being busy. So I did not check.

  3. I take back my last line. I thought you had posted something else in the interim. I see that I've commented on your last post.

    'To me each relgion is a way of trying to make sense of the unknown and the part of the higher power that a particular group of people have come into contact with. But that higher power is much more than that.'

    Could not have said it better.I hope all those fanatics understand this.

  4. Thanks Esbee and HHG for the boosts. Guess I was sort of fishing :-)


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