22 September 2010

I can't believe that I haven't posted  for more than a month on this blog!  But so many events happened during this time, which kept me away from blogging.  All I had time for--when I got at a computer at all--was usually just enough to catch up on mail and a some of the blogs on my blog roll.  Now at last life seems to be settling down.
I have also come back from a short holiday, which was lovely and all the more because it was sudden decision on the part of my husband.  As he is not at all given to that kind of thing, (specially as he has grown older), it made it even more exciting for me !  The place was so relaxing, the weather pleasant and, to top it all, I had a wonderful back and shoulders massage from the Ayurvedic clinic there (ubiquitous now in Kerala).  The place was here though we didn't stay right in those floating cottages.
So now, I hope to post more often.


  1. Wow! That resort looks fanastic Sue. So calm and peaceful- Just what I could do with - instead I had a rainy week in Yorkshire with the boys - and Mr T couldn't even come as he was suffering with his back problems! ( I suppose it was a saving grace we hadn't booked anywhere expensive/exotic otherwise it would have been a real disaster.)

    Well, I hope you feel rejuvenated...and I hope hubby has a few more of the surprise holidays up his sleeve:)

  2. Was very unlike hubby, as he kept saying off and on, on the long drive there :-D
    It was a pretty place. Hubby too had back problems. But luckily for me, that weekend his back behaved!

  3. Ha! I know that male method of blackmail! He'll have you cleaning the car for weeks now:)


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