24 July 2010

Random post

Among other reasons for not being a regular in blogworld is my personal trainer!  When I come back from work at lunch time, she feels I should be out playing.  Post lunch and her lunch, she may allow me a bit of a sit down.  Then again it's time for a walk and playing catch and then getting dinner ready.  No sitting down allowed!!  So blog world gets sidelined :-)
I am such a big fan of modern technology, the Internet most of all.  Recently, an old room-mate from my college hostel, who I haven't seen for 40 years, got in touch with me through a website.  She was from Fiji and so I never thought that I would ever be able to find her or get in touch with her.  So it was such a wonderful surprise to get her mail.  Similarly, through this same website, a classmate of mine from school got in touch with me a while back and she I saw last in 1966!  The wonders of modern technology.


  1. absolutely marvellous - the net . Imagine if it hadnt been for the net I would never have met you !

  2. Yes Mallika, I wouldn't have met so many of the people who are my online friends now.

  3. So true, Granny. We are having regular get-togethers with our kindergarten friends, thanks to technology.

  4. a personal trainer?? WOW....are you a movie star? :>)

  5. O, and isn't my personal trainer pretty ;>)

  6. I met a school mate after 40 years in California all because of the i'net. i got in touch with others too through her. It was wonderful to hear an old teacher remark to her daughter
    'Padma getting in touch with you? It is as if she has risen from the dead.'
    i can well understand your excitement.

  7. I found my childhood next door neighbor. He and his wife and child live on the west coast now. I searched him out because I had really troublesome childhood memories of him being screamed at by his stepmother and put out in the yard and told not to come inside until his father came home from work nearly every day.

    As an adult I finally came to understand that he wasn't being punished for doing ANYTHING wrong beyond being the spitting image of his dead mother. I

    needed to tell him how sorry I was not to have "got" what was going on when it was going on, because I always assumed he had been naughty, because that's why I got in trouble sometimes, and I didn't understand why my mother often teared up when she looked at him and was much kinder to him than she was when I was naughty.

    I'm very glad we've reconnected, because he shares my memory of my mother being wonderful and kind.

  8. I love modern technology, I don't know what I would have done without it.It has brought some sanity to my life because I spend most of my days indoors.


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