24 July 2010

Random post

Among other reasons for not being a regular in blogworld is my personal trainer!  When I come back from work at lunch time, she feels I should be out playing.  Post lunch and her lunch, she may allow me a bit of a sit down.  Then again it's time for a walk and playing catch and then getting dinner ready.  No sitting down allowed!!  So blog world gets sidelined :-)
I am such a big fan of modern technology, the Internet most of all.  Recently, an old room-mate from my college hostel, who I haven't seen for 40 years, got in touch with me through a website.  She was from Fiji and so I never thought that I would ever be able to find her or get in touch with her.  So it was such a wonderful surprise to get her mail.  Similarly, through this same website, a classmate of mine from school got in touch with me a while back and she I saw last in 1966!  The wonders of modern technology.

03 July 2010

June was really a busy month , particularly socially.  There were 2 out-of-town birthday parties.  One was grandson's 5th and since it was a Sunday, and he was so keen to have us, we went.  The other was a close family member's 60th birthday and so we went out of town for that too and that was the next weekend after that.
Then there were sundry other events as well and of course the first month of the school year here.  But most of all, one of the biggest reasons for not doing much in blog world were the frequent power outages.  You start doing something, the power goes off and the first thing that goes off is the internet connection.  We do have a generator, but it can't support 2 computers and since my hubby is on it continuously--working from it, I switch mine off.  But soon after everything is switched off and the generator started, the power comes back on.  This kept happening so often, it was most cheesing off and so all I did was a quick checking of mail on hubby's comp, as when there was time & his comp was free.
Not seeing me online, blog friend Mallika of Eve's Lungs called me wondering what had happened.  Thanks Mallika.
Anyway, now the power situation seems a bit better and too, I am here all the weekends in this month and so  there's enough time for blog world :-)