18 December 2009

Hi blog world! As my grandkids (with their parents) have gone off to visit their other grandparents, I suddenly have found the time to blog.
I have had some interesting conversations with my four-and-a-half year old grandson. Recently, before he left to go to his other grandparents (for a week) he asked me--

GS: "Will you miss me?"
Me: " Of course I will. I love you."
GS: "Will you love me even if I was a Tyrannosaurus, or a crocodile?" (This--I think-- relates to his wish to believe in reincarnation after he heard about it).
Me: "Well I guess if I know it's you I will".
Gs: "I promise I won't do anything to you. Supposing I'm a biting black ant, will you still love me?"
Me: "Supposing you forget me and bite me, I might get upset."
Gs: "Never!! How can a grandson forget his grandmother!'

End of conversation :-)


  1. My youngest likes to be reassured. Our script goes like this:

    Youngest: Mommy, what if I was a strawberry, what would you do?

    Me: I would build you a little strawberry house. I would tell everyone, "Do not hurt my strawberry. His name is (youngest's name), and I love him very much."

    He varies what he is, and I vary the house size and type accordingly, but otherwise the dialogue never varies.

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    LOL! that is the sweetest conversation!

  3. Loved your grandson's concluding sentence. A merry Christmas and a happy New year to you and yours.

  4. lol ... that's the best Christmas Present you could wish for.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you lots of these conversations in 2010*!*

  5. Esbee, yes normally the conversation goes along usual lines. It was that last sentence which was totally unexpected!
    Thanks for the Christmas wishes all. Season's greetings to you all too.


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