30 December 2009

Christmas has come and gone. This holiday was jam-packed with events. There was a wedding in the family and so the Christmas festivities were all bundled up with the wedding. I know my children had a lot of fun with all their cousins (in spite of them being very grown-up adults!). Now very soon they have all to leave to go back to work.
My daughter will soon be leaving with her wee ones. She has been here for 3 months. How the time has flown. We'll really miss her and the grandkids. But then there will be school and another grandkid coming for a visit and so life will go on.
Happy New Year to all!

18 December 2009

Hi blog world! As my grandkids (with their parents) have gone off to visit their other grandparents, I suddenly have found the time to blog.
I have had some interesting conversations with my four-and-a-half year old grandson. Recently, before he left to go to his other grandparents (for a week) he asked me--

GS: "Will you miss me?"
Me: " Of course I will. I love you."
GS: "Will you love me even if I was a Tyrannosaurus, or a crocodile?" (This--I think-- relates to his wish to believe in reincarnation after he heard about it).
Me: "Well I guess if I know it's you I will".
Gs: "I promise I won't do anything to you. Supposing I'm a biting black ant, will you still love me?"
Me: "Supposing you forget me and bite me, I might get upset."
Gs: "Never!! How can a grandson forget his grandmother!'

End of conversation :-)

06 December 2009

The season begins

I've just returned from a performance of Christmas carols. The singing was good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So, the season begins.