29 November 2009

We had a nice weekend up in the hills near here, at a beautiful hotel. It was a group deal as a group my husband belongs to, had booked the place for a night. As I said the place was beautiful and the weather delightful and the food arranged quite good, the high point being a barbecued lamb.
But the weekend reinforced the fact that I am just not a 'people' person. I am bad at making 'polite' conversation,and I find it stifling to sit around and yak-yak-yak with a whole lot of people--although I am acquainted with most of the people who were there for a number of years. I do not find it too difficult to make one-to-one conversation, but more than that and it just doesn't work. I'm the kind who has only one or two friends, apart from all my husband's family who I am mostly close to. But even among them, I find it easiest to talk only in a small group.
I suppose I must come out as an unfriendly woman, an oddball. But now, at my age, I don't think I want to change, as I am kind of comfortable this way and my close family all accept me this way, and best of all, my husband is much like me. 2 of a kind :-)


explorekids said...

I am like you so I can very well understand the situation. Though my husband is very good in conversation with both small and big groups. In a big group, I usually find myself quite in a corner while my husband chatting with everyone.
I guess blogging is the only place where I talk to large group ;-)
and I know I will find myself same as you at your age :-)

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

My dear friend , I am so with you on this...you are a lovely people person you simply do not want them in deluges. One or two at a time. I recall all those years in the Navy of parties and other events in which one needed to mingle and be "social". How I hated it. I like the comfort of the corner sofa and one person to chat with. I think this is why I like my internet friends....I think many of the introverts like it here. O.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

We are what we are... and everyone loves a good listener.

hillgrandmom said...

Yes O, I agree with you--about the internet and introverts. explorekids has said the same thing basically. The internet certainly allows us introverts a place to communicate.
Pseudo there is that of course, but the good listener bit works best in a one-to-one.

Jane Turley said...

We are all different, that's what makes life so interesting - it would be awful if everyone was a gregarious extrovert - imagine all that vying for attention!

I feel happiest when I'm in a group of people I know well and accept for whom and I am. I spend a lot of time by myself at home though and, like you, I've found the internet a valuable form of communication:)

Nilu said...

I am so unlike you! But when I read your blog, it makes me understand my mom a little better. She's only comfortable with people closest to her.

Me said...

Oh my week away made me come to the same conclusion - that I am not a people's person. But I can do large groups but small groups of acquaintances kind of bring out the anti=social element in me.
it was a revelation because I used to be such a garrolous socialiser before but now I am content with conversing in limited quantities.
I was just so glad to be home!
And so v. glad to be in a place where I can accept this about myself.

eve's lungs said...

I amwith you on this . I just clam up at times - people must think I am odd .I like being with riends with whom I can relate to not just some random group.
I guess we are all introverts :)))