10 October 2009

What with my new granddaughter, school, regular power outages (*drat, darn, whatever*), I haven't been able to post. Besdies new granddaughter seems to have driven everything out of my mind and find it difficult to think through any post. So, I thought I wouldn't post for a while. But I'll be around reading blogs.
See you later.


  1. Hello, I have some catching up to do, I hadn't realised you had arrived home from your trip a few weeks ago*!*

  2. santhy8:53 pm

    Hello Hill Grand Mom!

    Just popped by to say I find you really cool.
    I hope I grow up to be like you.
    Full of joie de vivre :)

    Love and prayers,

  3. Hello i have been tru you blog. Good read. Would like to meet u. Give me u r mailid

  4. I dont blame you - such a cutie that baby is .

  5. Anonymous2:40 pm

    congrats on the new addition in the family!


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