26 July 2009

Off for a visit

So, there are just 4 more days, before we're off on our trip to the US of A. Our bags are almost packed, cept for some last minute stuff. Haven't been out of this country for 17 years now. Wonder how the long flight will be and what it will feel like to be in a foreign land after so long, cos I guess I've got kinda entrenched in my comfort zone in these 17 years.
Waiting to see how it will be.

11 July 2009

What are you?

A while back, my daughter told me that she thought I gave up easily. I agreed with her then. I thought about it a great deal later and came to the conclusion that I really did not give up that easily about things that really mattered to me (the way I wanted to bring up my children for example). But I've never been confrontational. I think of myself as water--a meandering stream flowing peacefully along. If a stone is thrown in its path, the water flows around it or wears it down with gentle, persistent erosion. I have dealt with most of my life like that.
So tell me, what element do you feel you are?

05 July 2009

One up for some of us!

Saw this article in the NY times online. Isn't that great!