07 June 2009

A Tag from a while back

Hip Hop Grandmom tagged me quite a while back. I am supposed to report 10 facts about myself. As always, it took me a while. Here are 10 things about me--
1. I'm not fussy about food--that is to say, I'm not one of those who's good at distinguishing whether a particular dish is exquisitely made or not and when I'm hungry, I will eat what's put in front of me, as long as it's relatively clean and not something I'm squeamish about eating (like fried grasshoppers or something). The only exception is when it comes to coffee!
2. I love music and a wide variety, though what I feel like listening to depends on what I feel like (that's usual) and the weather.
3. I find it easy to relate to young children and animals--more than to adult human beings I think at times.
4. I'm fascinated by the natural world, form the tiny to the very large- (though of course watching the tiny may be safer!)
5. Like Hiphop Grandmom, who tagged me, I find it easy to see the other person's point of view, which means that I find it very difficult to scold people, even when I feel angry.
6. As you can see, I'm very spare in my writing. I don't know whether that came naturally or from the training of the teachers in school, who kept insisting on us being brief and to the point!
7.I'm not a TV watcher. If I'm alone at home, there's no question of my turning on the TV. If at all I watch, it's because I'm passing through the room when someone else is watching or because someone tells me to come and watch a good programme with them. I'd much rather read or sit at the computer.
8. I'm never bored when I'm alone. I can usually find something to do.
9. I'm generally a laid-back person--as I'm sure has come across in the blog.
10. I am a chronic sufferer of low self-worth. The sense of self-worth usually goes down and down and I'm constantly battling to keep it at acceptable levels.

Completely forgot about tagging someone else. Well, I'm leaving it to whoever would like to take it up.


  1. I am never bored when alone either.

  2. Thinking about low self esteem.I am sure you feel more sure of yourself when you are teaching. Years ago I found that being a leader for 15 years teaching Cub and Boy Scouts and helping teach other leaders gave me much more confidence than I had before that. It felt good knowing others might benefit from what I had already learned. It must also give you pleasure knowing your teachings are helping the children to have a better future. I remember when I first started I was sure everyone could see my knees shaking till I got used to standing up in front of people. I still feel self conscious getting up in front of people.
    Have a nice week-end. Hugs, Dot


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