19 June 2009


I'm just a wee bit surprised (pleasantly so) to find that I am so excited at the thought of the trip abroad next month-- and it's not just at the thought of seeing my granddaughter. I had sort of given up the idea that I would be able to travel abroad one more time, given the fact that my husband is retired and I don't exactly work in a job paying big bucks. So the fact that this trip is in the bag--visas done, tickets done--has given me such a thrill.
I've been busy on the Net checking out the latest clothes etc. I'm unlikely to go on a shopping trip pre-US visit. But still it's fun to know the trends(even if I'm plus-size and closer to 60 than 50)and look at pretty makeovers of women my age :-) Apropros the age related make-up, trends, I found 2 sites--the online site of More magazine (anyone come across it?) and Bella online. Are there any more sites that any of you know about? There were many sites for plus-size fashion though. Would love to know if any of you have any suggestions.
P.S I see that the meaning of the last 2 sentences is ambiguous. What I really wanted was to know if there are any more sites for fashion/makeup for us seniors.


  1. Just have a wonderful safe trip and enjoy every minute with the family and getting to know that beautiful new grandchild. I am happy for you.
    Glad you are able to make the trip.
    Hugs, Dot

  2. in no photo have I seen you anywhere close to plus size....but if you insist check Woman Within online.

    Can't wait to see you in person.

  3. Oh! So happy you get to take this trip. Where are you visiting in the US?

  4. PHST, I'll be mostly in Chicago and maybe go to California.

  5. Ma, you make yourself sound so old and also overweight in this post - you are neither plus size nor old enough to actually have thought you were never going abroad again!! So typical!

  6. Susam .. looking forward to a madeover Susan . Go for it girl!But what makes you thonk you are plus sized ? Youre quite petite

  7. Well, I'm a petite size 14(American sizes) which makes me plus size I realized. In fact in one Plus-size site I saw that even a size 12 was considered a plus-size.


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