19 April 2009

I'm out of town, to stay with my daughter. The plan is for us--my husband and me--to take back our grandson with us as he is on summer vacation now. As he is just 3.75, almost 4, there is no guarantee that he will get on the train with us,when we return on Tuesday. Here's hoping he will.
But anyway, if he does come, then I guess Iwill have very little time to blog, take night walks or any such 'me' time. But then again, I get to spend quality time with him and watch the workings of a growing mind, see a personality forming, all of which I love. I also get to see the world from his perspective.
So to Eve who has tagged me, I promise to do the tag during a stolen moment :-)


  1. You are such a good grandmom.

  2. If he won't come, let me know and I'll send you one or both of mine. What a lucky daughter you have!

  3. So did he come back with you or not?
    I bet he did.


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