01 March 2009


It's the time of Lent again. For the Eastern churches the Lent begins 7 weeks before Easter. So Lent officially started from 22nd of February. Many people here give up meat and fish, sometimes eggs, alcohol (a big sacrifice believe me in this state) and even dairy products are eschewed by some.
This year Dr. Philipose Mar Chyrstosm, the senior most bishop of the Mar Thoma Church of Kerala has asked for the observance of 'Carbon fasting' to reduce global warming. The article is here. I wish I could have linked you to the article where all the points he enumerated were mentioned. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work.
Anyway, I for one have been inspired and have been trying toobserve the suggestions he has put forward.


  1. This is so interesting. What a novel and interesting idea!
    Thanks for linking this. I want to try this next year :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderfulmodernization, carbon fasting.

  3. what an interesting idea.thanks for sharing

  4. great idea....thanks for sharing

  5. That is a really good idea and one which can have real value.

    Do you remember I reviewed a book Global Warning Last Chance for Change by Paul Brown? I'm rereading it at the moment - so this post is especailly poignant for me.

  6. This Bishop is really a very interesting personality.


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