13 March 2009

a movie

Watched 'Ocean's eleven' the other day and found that I no longer enjoy movies which celebrate people's ingenuity in crime. To me movies that deal with what is best and brightest in the human spirit, or those that deal with the ordinary lives of men and women are much more memorable and enjoyable (not withstanding George Clooney and Brad Pitt). I wonder whether I'm going old too fast?

09 March 2009

Bye for a bit

I have been reading all the blogs on my blog roll and catching up with all the posts that I had missed reading in between and the realisation came to me that my blog--in blogworld--was a bit like a music-loving tone-deaf person who persists in singing, but always off-key. You feel for him/her, but's grating all the same; and you wish they would know when to keep quiet.
So I have decided to go off from blog world for a while though I will be keeping up with my blog rolll. Bye friends.

01 March 2009


It's the time of Lent again. For the Eastern churches the Lent begins 7 weeks before Easter. So Lent officially started from 22nd of February. Many people here give up meat and fish, sometimes eggs, alcohol (a big sacrifice believe me in this state) and even dairy products are eschewed by some.
This year Dr. Philipose Mar Chyrstosm, the senior most bishop of the Mar Thoma Church of Kerala has asked for the observance of 'Carbon fasting' to reduce global warming. The article is here. I wish I could have linked you to the article where all the points he enumerated were mentioned. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work.
Anyway, I for one have been inspired and have been trying toobserve the suggestions he has put forward.