12 February 2009

It will be two years tomorrow, since my mother passed away.  recently I have been missing her a bit--wanting to share some things with her, which I realised that I would have shared only with her.
Was remembering her death and thought once more, that although it was upsetting to me for her to go so suddenly, there was no other way she would have wanted it.  She had been so worried about being bed ridden and a burden.   I knew too, that I had to let her go, because she was so weary and wanted to rest, more so after having looked after my father with senile dementia and watching him go.
I am sure she is at peace.

08 February 2009

A hot day!

It was a pretty hot day a couple of days back.  So everyone was at the water hole!

First was a magpie robin--


then a chipmunk

and then, towards dusk, crows discussing the day's happenings at the water hole. Each waited their turn to drink and some had a quick bath too.

I'm sorry the chipmunk isn't too clear.  He was way too timid to allow me any nearer

06 February 2009

I've finished two of the books--'In Spite of the Gods' and 'Dreams from my Father'. The first one was an interesting view of modern India. ' Dreams' had me crying so many times. To some extent it spoke of the immigrant experience, of all people of colour, whether black, brown or yellow, in a white man's country. I loved it and finished it really fast. Now there are two more books to go through.
In the meantime I have also been able to get videos of a magpie robin bathing in my birdbath as also a chipmunk/squirrel raiding my dog's food :) I'll put them up soon.

02 February 2009

I am joining a large number of bloggers who have protested about this issue, regarding the targeting of a blogger for voicing his opinions, on his own private blog! There were so many people who felt as C Kunte did, that by and large, the reporting during 26/11 was irresponsible. Many people expressed their opinons on their blogs too. But why has one individual been singled out and made to retract his post? How come our FREE Press wants to muzzle the ordinary citizen's right to free speech? This smacks of the ancient days when the educated priestly classes--here and in much of the world--opposed literacy and then dissemination of information, because they felt threatened.