25 January 2009

I've come to the conclusion that I have an on-again off-again love affair with my PC.  At present I'm rather in the off-again mode for various reasons.  One reason is that whenever I have wanted to sit at the computer--after work--there have been frequent power cuts.  Then there is the fact that my computer takes forever to load--too many programs.  So, I'm getting a new hard drive!
There is also the fact of the new camera, which means I'm creeping around oustside (even during the noon day sun!) to captures birds or other wildlife--at which I've been wildly unsuccessful [probably 'cos I lumber around too clumsily and noisily?]  By the way, in the course of trying to take bird videos, I have discovered that my phone cam actually gives me a better zoom to take bird pics than my camera!
Then there is the nice fact that my brother--after a flying visit here of all of 2 days--has left me 3 books to read, apart from the book I've been reading sporadically.
The book I'm reading--
I find it an interesting view of our country.

The books that have been left behind for me to read--

As you can see--many hours of enjoyable reading ahead!


  1. I read Dreams of My Father a few years ago. He's a very good writer, plus he grew up here in Hawaii in the same neighborhood as my husband.

    Let us know what you think of the other books when you read them and if you would recommend them.

  2. There's not enough time in the day is there? I'm constantly struggling to do all that must be done and then find time to write....It's so frustrating! I'm reading Obama's autiobiography too... I'm quietly impressed. (Thank goodness)

  3. You may find this article interesting Sue;


  4. I read Dreams of my father and the Audacity of Hope.Both books were very good.I ove the new look of your blog.

  5. Everybody who has read 'Dreams of my Father' has given it a good review!
    Starry thanks for the compliment about my blog.

  6. Looks like you have plenty to occupy your time away from the computer ... don't worry your feathered friends will soon sit still once they realise it's "her" again*!*


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