02 November 2008

All creatures great and small

This is one of the smallest butterflies in my garden and on a really small flower.

Now for the creepy looking thing below....
It's a pupa that we saw on a mango leaf at school.

Can you see how the web around the erstwhile caterpillar is the exact same green of the mango leaf? What really excited me was the fact that there is a rib along the middle that is just like the rib of the mango leaf. The teacher who was showing the kids different leaves, didn't even notice it, till she touched the leaf and felt it was something soft, it was so beautifully camouflaged. Most pupae hide under leaves. But this is so blends into the background, that it can afford to be on top of the leaf.


  1. Really can't make out it's a caterpillar in the 2nd pic :)

    Its sad that the caterpillars are killed for silk :(

  2. nice to see your small butterfly found a size appropriate flower to drink nectar from!

  3. When seen on a cabbage leaf they blend in so well they can be hard to detect. Nice for the kids to be taught to notice different things like this.


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