01 October 2008

The wonders of modern technology

Modern communication technology is truly wonderful. This has been a constant refrain in my mind during the past week................
When I watched the US House of Representatives vote on the bailout bill, just as I watched our Lok Sabha vote on the Confidence motion in this Government around 2 months back. Both were unthinkable even 10 years back;
When I went online and talked to family half way across the world and could see them and talk to them with almost no lag;
When I thought of the fact that I have gotten acquainted with and made friends with people from so many different countries and living so far away from me;
When I found that I could listen to music from way before I was born, all lovingly preserved and then uploaded to the Internet;
And of course whenever I have gone to the Internet for information on anything, from how to wrap a present, to recipes local and international, to pictures, to meanings of words, to health issues--you name it. Once that would have meant referring to so many different books and probably in so many different places, now all available at my finger tips--literally.
I know that there are many negatives as well. But at present--maybe because there are no young children in this house--I see only the positives.


  1. As you said, we have so many better ways to find information than they did when we were young. It makes me wonder if things are really so much worse today, or is it just that we have better ways of learning what is going on all over the world so we see and hear more- both good and bad news. All the bad storms and their devastation are so sad to listen to.
    Look at this country, during our last president we were almost out of debt, where with this president we are in debt to other countries. In my lifetime I have never seen a Presidents term when this has happened. We used to be looked up to by other countries, now it seems like we have more enemies than ever before. It is the better media that has allowed us to hear all this, or what?

    I think our best hope for peace in the world will come when people all over the world get to know and become friends through the internet instead of through the countries governments. We need to better enforce " of the people, by the people and for the people" and need Governments that are interested more in their own peoples wishes, than in their own wishes.
    Makes one wonder what this world has to look forward to for their children and grandchildren when they are my age.

  2. What you say is very true Dot--people getting to know people all over the world and knowing what their thoughts and feelings are, will surely help towards peace in the world.

  3. Hi,

    I was blog hopping and stopped to read your post because of the 1) the dog pic and 2) the pleasant green.

    The only part of the whole new tech revolution that I personally don't like is probably the migrating from hand written letters to emails. And that's just the type of sadness one feels for an era bygone.

    You have a nice place here,


  4. Not to mention goat masks for school ;-)

  5. I like your post. When I was in college I stayed all kinds of hours in the library to research. NO internet. So much easier now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. I totally agree. I have 6 books plus photos and music on my mp3 and I could do the same on my phone. How great is that?

  7. I love a lot about the technological improvements. Odd to think my children will grow up taking them for granted. They've simply "always" been around to them.

  8. I agree it's an amazing thing for finding out information and connecting with people but there's nothing nicer then sitting down to read a book *!*

  9. The internet is definitely the invention of the century :)

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