25 June 2008

Mallika, over at Eve's Lungs, had tagged me with this tag about myself quite a while back. It required a lot of thought and was done over quite a long period.
I hope this is what you envisaged Mallika.

I am: me, mother, wife, sister, teacher; the sum of all these and yet not just that. There’s an inner me, irrespective of my life roles, added to the sum, growing, learning, just me.
I think: therefore I am. Sorry for the cliché; just wish that I was better adept at keeping my mind still.
I know: that I am only an ordinary woman but unique all the same.
I want: very little--in fact I really can't come up with what I want.
I have: a life for which I'm very grateful.
I wish: for peace on earth, for people everywhere to know each other's humanness.
I hate: unpleasant scenes. I am a total wimp.
I miss: my mother and my mum-in-law.
I fear: nothing really, because I'm pretty sure that, with my family, friends and my God, i can deal with most things.
I feel: content with my life, but not with me.
I hear: the sound of the drip. drip after a rain, the call of a crow pheasant--oop, oop, oop
I smell: wet wood
I crave: nothing
I search: for my glasses on a regular basis.
I wonder: if there is other life out there in the universe. When I look at the night sky especially, I am filled with wonder at the thought of the size of the universe and the thought that there maybe life out there.
I regret: not having done medicine
I love: the sound of the sea, toddlers everywhere, my family, the lick of a loving dog,....
I ache: in all my leg joints after being inactive for a bit
I care: about all my loved ones.
I am not
: a wonderful person.
I believe: that I am a part of the universe, of the Infinite, and that It is a part of me.
I dance: when the music is my kind of music--oldies, well, if the music has a beat.
I sing: everyday
I cry : when I listen to beautiful instrumental music, when I sing songs my mother sang, when I'm very happy, when I empathize with someone else's unhappiness, but never when I'm in pain.
I don’t always : stand up for me.
I fight : my need to be appreciated all the time.
I write: badly
I win: my battles against irrationality
I lose: my courage when I have to scold people.
I never: run, when walking will just as well take me there.
I always: enjoy having 'alone' time.
I confuse: people's names.
I listen: to children. Youngsters are often talked down to, in a mixed age group. So I make it a point to listen to them as individuals.
I can usually be found: at home after 1 p.m.
I am scared: when I think that my children might have misfortunes.
I need: nothing really.
I am happy about: my family, the wonderful young people my children have married and I’m so proud of them all.

I tag Geeta AJ and Hiphop grandmom and anyone else who would like to do this tag.


  1. Mrs C stop feeling inadequate . You are a wonderful , caring woman .

  2. I agree with Eve :)

    Great answers :) I will do the tag as well :) Now that I have a couple of days off I will have enough time to think about the answers :)

    Have a great day!

  3. BTW, beautiful picture.

  4. nice reading it... i have taken the tag myself too pretty interesting one

  5. You are indeed unique; a woman who wants for nothing and doesn't even crave chocolate is a remarkable person! And on a serious note... you have many attributes which somehow makes me feel that you ARE a wonderful person......

  6. I agree w/ Eve.

    And I wonder about other life out there, too, where they are, what they look like, and if they're wondering about us.

  7. MRs T, I was under the impression that once one passed the big M stage-and became post M, one no longer craved sweet stuff and that's why I didn't :)

  8. Why do you say you are not a wonderful person ?

    I feel it is not for you to say that, it should be someone else who should comment about it.

    It is just my view.

  9. neatly done.will take it up when i can.

  10. Thanks all, for your nice comments. I am indeed overwhelmed.

  11. Feeling you could do better shows how much you have realy accomplished.Over the years I have noticed the one who is always wanting to do better is the one who actually treats others so well. We know there will always be some who can do things better than we can and I think that gives us the energy to try harder and we often end up surprising ourself with all we do accomplish. Don`t you sometimes feel this way?


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