21 May 2008

All my children are here together after quite a while as my youngest son & wife are here for a short holiday. We all went away on holiday--for 2 days--to a place where there was no cell phone connectivity and no phone cable either. So this meant no Internet either. The only connection to the outside world was the satellite TV dish. I think all the men of the family were feeling a little deprived of technology. But the women all thought it was a great idea because that way everyone got to have a real holiday, with no phone calls from work for anyone, no e-mails to check; just peace and quiet.
The place was beautiful and the weather up in the hills was lovely. The extended weekend went by in a flash. We are all back at home in the humidity and heat. But it's lovely to have them all at home.
But, I'm now feeling low at the thought of my son having to go back in just another 9 days


  1. Sounds idyllic - where did you go to ?

  2. Yes, it sounds lovely. I know how you feel about your son. We are really missing our kids as well and they will be in Morocco June and July to visit K's family.

  3. Oh, I do know what you mean. One of my twins used to live in another state and it was hard both when they visited us and went home and just as hard when we visited them and had to say good-by and head back home.
    Sounds like you had a nice vacation with the family.

  4. hey, nice to hear that you had a proper chill out.

  5. I agree with Eve and Onedia :) Sounds lovely :)

    I am starting a new private blog...long story...you will see when you read the first post there :) I need your e-mail address though to invite you, I can't find the e-mail you sent me some days ago :( Could you please send me your e-mail address to wendyfb@gmail.com so that I can invite you to my new blog? Thanks :)


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