11 April 2008

It will be my husband's 60th birthday on Monday, and he is so excited about it. He has decided to have a big party with many of his cousins coming. His siblings, who live near enough, will be there. Our children--the ones in India--will come tomorrow.
In India, turning 60--finishing 60 years on this earth--is a big milestone.

"In a hundred-year time scale of man’s life, pre-sixty is a period of materialistic pursuit while the post–sixty span is slated for spiritual endeavour." [ from acharyaonline.com]

There are many rituals associated with turning 60 that are observed as part of 60th birthday celebrations among the Hindus, including a remarriage. In our Indian Christian traditions, we do not have any particular rituals associated with it, but among us too, the 60th birthday is considered a milestone.
"The householder is said to relieved of his social – secular obligations"

After this, one could leave and go away to pursue spiritual matters if one so wished.

But in my husband's case, he is certainly not planning to go away, and he considers himself very young yet. So we'll just have the big, raucous party.
Therefore, as I'll be busy till said party, apart from the fact that children and grandchild will also be here, I may be off the Net for a bit. Will try and keep up with blog reading though--I hope.


  1. Here's wishing Mr Cherian a very happy birthday HG ! I hope you have planned a super treat for him. Do give him our best wishes . Turning 60 is indeed a milestone!

  2. Happy happy!

    Best regards to him and his fabulous wife. :D

  3. Happy Birthday to Hillgranddad! Best wishes to the lovely couple! Have a great party, guys.

  4. Thanks all. Pictures will be posted.

  5. This sounds like fun. A celebration is such a good idea (as opposed to acting as it it's just another day).

  6. Hi! :)

    Wishing your husband a happy birthday! You must be really happy with your children visiting :)

    Have a lovely a week!

  7. Best wishes to your husband on the 60th anniversary of the occasion of his birth.

  8. Belated wishes for turning the new 50 - isn't it great how we all get to be ten years younger at these milestones these days he he*!* I hope you had a very loud and raucous party to celebrate *!*

  9. Belated Birthday wishes to hgd.
    Trust the party was as loud and raucous as he wished.

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  11. where r the pics? party hangover?


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