29 April 2008

I put together 3 different shots of elephants working. Hope you like it.


  1. Isn`t it something that with all the weight they are already carrying, they can carry so much extra weight when working?
    The more people weigh the slower they work and the less they can do. Elephants are just the opposite- the more they weigh, it seems the more they can pull or carry. Rnjoyed seeing the pictures.

  2. awesome!
    I can't wait to get home :)

  3. This is why I love visiting your blog. It's like taking a trip without all the hassles of the airports.

  4. thanks all. esbee--:D

  5. Hi Hillgrandmom,
    My email address is desiinsmalltimeamerica@yahoo.com.
    Would love to chat/email when I am in India. My mom's coming down too and she's from Kottayam so I am sure we will be there for visiting relis, etc.
    Take care.

  6. While I was waiting for the video to load I started humming the same tune you used ... lol *!*

    I recently read a memoir of an Australian lady who has spent years monitoring African elephants in the wild. They are wonderful intelligent animals.

  7. Here in my state in India, we have a number of working elephants as they are the best to pull logs, fallen trees from forest area. They are also used for display for temple festivals. In the old days owning an elephant was a status symbol. Nowadays, very few people keep elephants. But many a saw mill keeps them.
    Bimimbie, yes perfect song isn't it? Guess you remember the movie it was in?
    Yes they are really intelligent animals.


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