20 April 2008

I have wanted to post, read posts, comment all of which I am not able to do too much because 1) my keyboard is not working and I need to buy a new one. So either I type with an onscreen keyboard, which is a really painful process, or share my hubby's comp. 2) my grandson is here for his quota of whole-day TLC and outdoor time. As he lives in a city and has, of necessity, to be at a day care most of the day, he doesn't get much of either of the former. Besides every kid should get his/her quota of spoiling by grandparents atleast during the school vacation! So will catch up with everything and will put pictures of activities maybe next weekend.


  1. Enjoy your day! And I hope your keyboard feels better soon... :)

  2. enjoy with k....

  3. Ma, you make it sound like K doesn't get any TLC at home with his parents!!!


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