24 April 2008

More blogger time now!

Well, as I posted earlier, my little grandson was staying here from the 15th. I forgot to mention that he was here without his parents and that he is 2 years and 10 months old. So, as you can guess, my life was full. It was a roller coaster ride I might add, because the first 2 days he was kinda sad. But after that his holiday took off. I had very little time for the computer or for reading or other such 'me' activities. But I got to be part of a make-believe world, of songs to be learnt and of words to be heard, tried out tentatively and learnt, visit an amusement park and see and elephant being bathed. The last 10 days went by in a flash.
Today my grandson left to spend a couple of days with his other grandparents, before his parents fetch him on Sunday. So I got the time to get a new keyboard, to post on my blog, to slowly catch up on other stuff that needs to be done.
But I miss him!

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  1. I am sure your little grandson kept you busy. They are usually very active at 2 years of age. Bet you enjoyed every minute he spent with you. Fun being a grandmother.


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